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6 Best Cat Fence Toppers for an Existing Fence

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6 Best Cat Fence Toppers for an Existing Fence

Although many people may not realize it, providing a safe & controlled outdoor space is as important for cats as it is for dogs. Cats with safe access to the outdoors are significantly less likely to suffer from behavioral problems and weight-related health issues. While outside, cats are able to use all of their senses and express their natural, instinctual behaviors to stimulate their minds which typically leads to happier cats! However, cats are extremely smart and agile, so containing cats safely can be vastly more difficult than containing most dogs. But, not to worry, there are options available! Although some cat owners choose to build an enclosure from the ground up, many others choose to modify their existing fence with a cat fence topper solution.

Cat fence toppers are designed to create a “cat-proof” barrier along the top of an existing fence to prevent cats from escaping the safe space of the yard. Although there are several different approaches to cat fence solutions, the same general principle applies to nearly all of them: Preventing the cat from simply jumping or climbing over the top of the fence. Many cat fence systems utilize some type of angled or curved fence extension that makes jumping over the fence difficult or impossible, while at the same time making the climb to the top of the fence challenging. 

When selecting the cat fence topper that will be best suited for you, your cat, and your fence, there are likely many factors that will contribute to your final decision including overall cost, the finished look, ease of installation, and most importantly the effectiveness of the system. Below you will find the top 6 best cat fence toppers for an existing fence.

Purrfect Fence Existing Fence Conversion System

Starting at $449.99 for 100 feet
Purrfect Fence Existing Fence Conversion KitPhoto Credit

Purrfect Fence is the most popular, effective, and durable outdoor cat containment system in the world. Used by more cat parents, rescues, shelters, and pet care facilities than all the other options combined, Purrfect Fence is considered first choice for those concerned about flexibility of installation and welfare of their cat(s). The Existing Fence Conversion System utilizes a patented spring-loaded arm design that ensures even the Houdini cat can’t escape.

This cat fence topper solution works on any fence that is at least 3 feet tall, including wood, chainlink, vinyl/PVC, brick or concrete block, and metal/aluminum fencing. Purrfect Fence uses high-quality materials built to last in outdoor conditions that are simple to install with detailed instructions and installation video.


EasyPet Fence Cat Fence Conversion Kits

Starting at $349.95 for 100 feet
EasyPet Cat Fence Conversion Kit for Existing FencePhoto Credit

The Conversion Kit by EasyPet Fence is considered a more budget friendly alternative. Though not as well known for its effectiveness, it can serve as a good alternative if your primary concern is discouraging, rather than fully preventing cats from going over your fence. This system utilizes a curved extension arm that creates an overhanging barrier, making it difficult for cats to climb over the fence when installed.

With only a few simplified components, the Conversion Kit systems are relatively easy to install and can be attached to any fence type.

Cat Fence In Barrier Kits

Starting at $220.00 for 104 feet
Cat Fence In Combination Cat Fence BarrierPhoto Credit

As the most affordable cat fence topper, the barrier kits from Cat Fence In are easy to install and utilize simple, light duty materials to create a difficult to climb barrier. Cat Fence In offers two versions of their barrier kit: one for keeping cats safely contained, and another that not only keeps cats safely contained but also tries to keep other cats from entering. While durability and flexibility of installation options are lacking with this option, many love the low cost!

These kits can be used on many different fence types to create a difficult-to-climb barrier that deters cats from escaping over an existing fence that is at least 5 feet tall.

Critter Fence Retrofit No-Climb Kits

Starting at $478.20 for 100 feet
CritterFence Retro Fit no-climb KitPhoto Credit

If you are looking for a cat-proof fence extension with minimal visual impact, the Critter Fence Retrofit No-Climb Kits may suit your needs. This cat fence topper uses lightweight angled fence extensions along with mesh to create an overhanging barrier. As one of the most costly options without the added benefits of many of the others, this option is not as popular. Recommended for fences that are at least 5 feet tall, the extensions can be installed on all fence types.

Oscillot Cat-Proof Fence Kit

Starting at $1,168.68 for 100 feet
Oscillot Cat Fence Roller
Photo Credit

If the aesthetics of the completed barrier are important to you, then you may find cat rollers as the most suitable option for your yard. The Oscillot Cat-Proof Fence rollers were designed specifically for use with cats and feature special “paddles” on the rollers that make it difficult for cats to gain their footing at the top of a fence. While obviously premium priced, the “roller design” is not regarded as the most effective, but many consider it the best looking.

Cat fence rollers can be installed on most fence types of at least 6 feet in height, are available in a variety of colors to blend in with your existing fence, and create a seamless transition between fence and roller topper. They are non-intrusive and marginally noticeable on most fences.

DIY Cat Fence Topper

Total cost varies
DIY Cat Fence TopperPhoto Credit

Perhaps you find that none of the options above quite meet your needs, and something custom-built will work best. There are several DIY cat fence plans and tutorials available for free online, and the great thing about installing your own DIY cat fence is that you can make it exactly what you need. Most experts caution using this method since the chance for failures and escapes are exceedingly high. As with any of the options on this list, monitor the area closely for a few weeks with your cat(s) to ensure that opportunities do not exist for escapes.



When it comes to creating a cat-safe space in your yard, there are several factors to consider. The cat fence solutions above may vary in price, style, and materials used, but what is most important to consider is the personality and athletic ability of your cat. Every option on this list works for some cats. The important distinction is which of the options will work for your cats?

Some cats may be deterred simply by the visual aspect of cat fence extensions installed around the perimeter of the yard. The extensions look quite strange to them, and they may have no interest in trying to climb up the fence to take a closer look. Other cats may attempt to escape over a cat-proof barrier a handful of times and find themselves unsuccessful. They might accept their losses and decide to enjoy their new safe space rather than escape it.

But for the others, the ones who are persistent and determined to leave the safe space created for them, the ones who are freakishly athletic and agile, the Houdini’s of the cat world, you want a solution that is effective. This is why the Purrfect Fence Existing Fence Conversion System is first on this list. No option is proven more effective, durable, and flexible.

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